3 Months Using The Tria 4X Laser: My Review and Results So Far

JoanneReader submitted review of the Tria 4x Laser by Joanne W following our original Tria Review which you can read here!

I have been using this Tria for almost three months now. In summary, I must say… this product was worth every penny. I am a student so I struggle finding available cash for ‘luxuries’ like this but I am glad I made the commitment…

This is my story…

3 Months Using The Tria 4X Laser: My Review

Nearly twelve weeks ago, I tried this Tria Hair Removal Laser for the very first time. I’ve never actually been a fan of any hair removal laser device before so I was not confident that I will get great results from using this one. Nonetheless, I still gave it a try since there is no harm in trying it out like what some of my closest friends did.

Just to paint you a picture, I am in my 20s, I have a fair skin and thick black hair which practically makes it easy for me to try any type of laser hair removal or IPL hair removal.


So why did I choose the Tria laser? Well, it’s ranked as the best right now and some of my friends purchased it about 6 months ago and they were seeing pretty awesome results and I saw it for myself, so I decided to give this Tria laser a try mainly because I was curious how my friends were able to experience such incredible results just from using this product, only every 2 weeks.

Before using the Tria Hair Removal Laser, I made it a point to read the instructions first so I knew what I was getting myself into.

Preparing for my laser hair removal treatments at home, I wanted to target my facial hair first. So I decided to shave my facial hair (yes, that is what you have to do!). You can’t pluck or wax for six weeks straight prior to using any home hair removal device. Ideally, the longer you can shave the better prior to doing any treatment.

For me personally, I was hoping to see results after the very first treatment, but I didn’t. I later read some people do and some people don’t – was I expecting too much from the first treatment? Probably.

I had to be patient since the upper lip and chin have honestly annoyed me my entire life and I wasn’t giving up only after one go.


3 Months Using The Tria 4X Laser: My Results So Far

After four weeks, so after 2 treatments (at 2 week intervals as recommended), I saw a slight improvement in that I had less facial hair growing back, I saw better results on my upper lip than my chin. But in saying that I was hair-free, I couldn’t say this just yet after 2 treatments.

Was I expecting too much after 2 treatments. Probably. My mom calls me impatient for a reason I guess. I had to be realistic

My best friend, whom was the very first out of our group of friends to purchase the machine, told me that I should be patient since the Tria results vary depending on the type of hair you have and also the area of the body. I figured “What the heck”, I’ve only done 2 treatments…and I am wanting to be completely hair free, yes after much though, it kinda was alot to ask for.

After the following week (so roughly 5 weeks since I started, in between my 2nd and 3rd treatments), I was shaving my upper lip and chin for my weekly ‘maintenance’ and I noticed that it was much easier for me shave, there was very little hair left to shave on both my upper lip and chin. It was amazing and totally unexpected, I didn’t actually see the hair fall out, but you don’t need to, it just falls out and you are left with less and less hair to treat with the permanent hair removal device. You basically have softer skin because there is no hair and no hair follicle and you see sparser hair in the area.

Tria-4x-on-faceSo how much exactly? I’d say around 50% of my facial hair didn’t grow back since the last time I shave.

So that was it, since I actually saw that I had less facial hair, I started getting obsessive, I was so happy and it started getting addictive since then, I was using the Tria laser in full effect…

I’m so glad and beyond thankful that I’ve purchased the Tria and that my friends led me to the girls on here (the blog) because without their help, guidance and advice, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now, hence why I am happy to contribute my experience back to the girls that assisted me along the way.

It is not only a wise investment and something that you money really does pay for. I have started on my legs and I am seeing better results on my legs than I did on my facial hair, the hair is falling out after the first session so I am pretty pleased about that to say the least because I absolutely hate being in the shower for 20 minutes shaving, it’s a waste of time, water and my life.

This product is a gem, it permanently removes body hair, something waxing, shaving and plucking genuinely cannot fix. Next in line is my underarms.

Without a doubt, I can’t keep a smile off my face and so glad I am no longer stuck in the shower shaving anymore..

For more information, I suggest you read Penelope’s full review of the Tria 4X Laser to ensure it’s the right laser hair removal machine to use at home for you.

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