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We are Penelope, Paris, Katie and Maggy and we are group of friends that have a love for being hair free (we mean, who doesn’t right?!) but apart from that we are just pretty ordinary, 20 something year old girls that think we have a pretty good understanding of the world LOL (maybe not?!). But we do just like the simple things in life; the feeling of the sun shining on our skin, seeing people smile, exploring our natural world, going for long nature walks, learning something new (trying to remember it is another thing).

Overall, we are always ready for a challenge. Hence, why we set ourselves to start the laserhairsite, to challenge ourselves to share everything we know about getting rid of body hair quickly, easily and permanently through laser hair removal, IPL hair removal and permanent hair removal machines, devices and systems.

Now that your here, we have to extend a warm welcome to you as you have now entered into the wonderful world of laser, intense pulsed light, diode laser and all things permanent hair removal.



We know how it feels when you first enter this world of laser or IPL hair removal, there is so many different technologies that you feel you need to read an encyclopedia of hair removal to understand whats going on…. Hopefully, you get everything you need to know about laser hair removal and choosing the best hair removal machine or permanent hair removal device or system that is right for you!

We hope you enjoy the content of the site and enjoy our humor that comes along with it. Dealing with unwanted body hair is not the easiest or nicest subject to talk about. It tends to come with a bag of emotions that can vary from person to person. We often find that by sharing our stories and the consensus of many of our friends and family, we can put together great information to benefit everyone as a whole.

If you feel we haven’t covered something in it’s entirety or you would like more information that you feel is too personal to leave a comment, please contact us using the contact form. Ideally, leaving a comment on the site is preferred as the old saying goes, ‘no question is a stupid question’ … and when it comes to permanent hair removal, we are sure that your questions will benefit somebody else too, so get involved!

Have fun browsing our site! (Because we have fun writing it)

Penelope, Paris, Katie and Maggy xx

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  1. Susan Calise

    I have a question I own a yes. It is ok to use but it doesn’t get rid of all the hair like I thought it was supposed to. So I read about your product .On parts of my body I have diffreant color hair. On my upper lip I have lite blonde.My arm pits its black my legs black upper thigh I have light blonde the privet area black. I want to get rid of all of my hair tidy up my upper lip. But I can wax that my eye brows I also wax. So I just want some thing to get rid of the hair on my legs under my arms and in my privet area. Plus I dont want to spend a lot of money . So help me . Thank you.

    • Penelope

      Hi Susan. Penelope here. Thanks for leaving a comment on our site, I would be glad to help you out. Since you have both blonde and dark hair, you will need to use this machine here. Unfortunately, because you want to target both blonde and dark hair, you will need to spend this money. Hope this helps you. Penelope

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