Beurer IPL 10000 SalonPro Review

Beurer-SalonPro-RatingThis review might be a little off track than what you are expecting, for this involves the main man in my life. He is not only the main man, but he is pretty much the most hairy man I have ever known (but I still love you babe, no worries!).

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I will tell you how this hair removal device changed the way I look at IPL hair removal treatment and its effectiveness on guys!


Okay, let me get this straight—it is totally understandable for men to have body hair all over. Sure, they shave every other day or so, but my guy gets frustrated to have to do it at least three times a week. Hence, our search started for a permanent hair removal solution for men. We were introduced to the Beurer IPL 10000 SalonPro System with lifetime flashes (amazabells!), which lets us remove hair permanently at home.

>> WARNING: Do not use this machine on very dark brown or black skin, use this machine instead. Do you have blonde, red, grey or white hair? You need to use this machine <<

What made us buy Beurer IPL 10000 SalonPro System?

First things first, let me clear this up—this permanent hair removal device does not only work for men, but for women too! That being affirmed, let me tell you what made this device stand out from the rest.

Fastest application on the market with an XXL light area

If women hate waiting, ahhh guess what? So do men. If there is an instant way to get around it, we all will take that way. And when it comes to hair removal, this is exactly on point.


This IPL laser device lets us (my guy and I) finish treating our targeted areas quickly. For example, I can finish both of my legs in 15 minutes or so, and his chest hair in 10 minutes. Why is it much faster than others? It’s all thanks for the bigger lamp area.

Safe Skin Sensor – skin type and skin contact sensor

Worried about whether your skin color and hair color are ok for ipl hair removal? Well, the Beurer SalonPro has a built in skin type and skin contact sensor. This technology is so smart, hey?

Skin-Color-and-Hair-Color-Chart-for-the-Beurer-IPL-10000-SalonPro This means that this machine has safety measures to secure their users and customers. For example, I once tried zapping on level 6 (the daredevil in me wanted the maximum results), only to be surprised—it would not emit flashes! This is because it detected my skin color and blocks the pulse, just as well as it would be dangerous. Handy, right?!Beurer-SalonPro-System

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Easy to use flash-glide function and full service life of 150,000 flashes

Now this is a real treat when it comes  to using these IPL hair removal machines at home. Instead of having to flash light one at a time on your targeted area, we just had to push the button and slide the lamp over the area we want to treat. My guy loved this feature, for it lets him treat his chest and arm hair effortlessly. This also goes for my unwanted hair in my bikini area and underarms.

And another bonus treat: No need to replace cartridges!!! Because of its 150,000 flashes feature, its cartridges need not to be replaced for its service life. Which means—no hidden costs (the only other machine that gives you lifetime flashes is the Tria which Penelope has reviewed here).

Entire Body home laser hair removal

Sooo, why all around? This is because you can use it on whatever body part you may want. My guy uses the Beurer IPL 10000 device for facial hair removal, as well as for his chest, arms, and back. I use it for upper lip hair removal, together with my legs, tummy, and underarms. I’ll continue using it for the rest of my body but these is all I am up to for now.

Was the purchase worth it?

Yes, that is if you are set on buying it, I was and so was my boyfriend, it was a good buy and it does work.

However, now that we have come together with the other girls on this site, I see some downfalls that this Beurer IPL hair removal machine has in comparison to other machines.

If you do like the sound of the Beurer, for sure, it’s a good buy, however now that you have all the resources at your fingertips, it’s worth reading some of the other girls thoughts on this site. Overall, we are just not convinced at it’s overall effectiveness in comparison to such machines as the Tria 4X, Remington Quartz and Veet Infini’Silk Pro. But in saying this, it still works a charm on removing your body hair permanently.

AN UPDATE TO OUR LOYAL READERS: Before we proceed I would just like to make a personal comment and recommendation and to give you an update a few months on. Yes, my husband found this machine useful but for me who has tried a fair few machines now, I believe that the effectiveness of this machine isn’t as good as it’s competitors such as the Tria, Silk’n, Remington Quartz or Veet. I would recommend anyone serious about removing unwanted body hair to refer to the other machines that us girls have used. Unfortunately, this Beurer worked well but for only a short period of time; the results were not as permanent as the results we get from the other machines; summing up, about 20% of hairs grew back. This is just our honest opinion.

There is just so much more on the market that glides ahead of the Beurer. A good option for some people but not the ‘best’ in the market, that’s for sure, that’s just our honest opinion.

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Community Score

Good Things

  • Large surface tip (7cm) allowing quicker treatment time
  • 6 levels of intensity

Bad Things

  • Not safe for very dark skin colors (look at Me Smooth)
  • Not as effective as other machines (i.e Tria, Silkn, Remington or Veet)
  • Does not work on grey hair color
  • Expensive compared to others given effectiveness

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