Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin

If you are African American, Indian, Arabic, Greek, Italian, Spanish or have dark ethnic skin, you’ve probably been told that permanent hair removal is difficult for you. Until about 18 months back, it was a little more difficult but now it’s no longer impossible!


Morena—that is what the locals call our complexion. Coming from Spanish lineage, I learned to love my skin, albeit the hype for the fair and “Snow White” complexion nowadays.

Although I had a hard time with IPL and Laser, I never had a hard time looking for clothes that complement my color, much more with beauty products that work for me and what not. Hair removal was not a problem, for I religiously shaved my unwanted hair every other day or so, but permanent hair removal on the other hand, proved very difficult a few years back. Now…it’s a different story.

The struggle was real.


Let’s rewind a few years ago to understand where we have come from.

Having dark skin tone has its pros and cons, and I must reiterate that permanent hair removal could really be tough and hard on girls like me. I did not really mind it back then, but as I grew older, it dawned on me—it is unfair! Laser hair removal costs way too much, and waxing was too painful for me.

Come IPL treatment, and it was still boxed in to the range of skin complexion of the ‘lucky’ fair ones. There are lots of hair removal machines that are available in the market, but none used to cater to the dark skinned women (and men too!) wanting to permanently remove hair on the target areas.

Permanent hair reduction, hair today gone tomorrow—we have heard it all. Sure, these permanent hair removal machines deliver what is promised, but they do not used to cater to potential customers with dark complexion.

However, lo and behold, I came across Tanda Machines, specifically Me My Elos Syneron Touch Pro Ultra.

The game changer

As I reiterated earlier, looking for an effective permanent hair removal machine for dark skin proves to be hard, with the restrictive pronouncements regarding hair removal options by the manufacturers themselves. However, let me tell you how Me My Elos Syneron Touch Pro Ultra by Tanda changed the way I looked at IPL hair removal.

As I was browsing through the available hair removal machines in the market, this Me My Elos’ certain feature caught my eye—“effective for the widest range of skin colors and hair colors”

My pulse quickened, my adrenaline came rushing. For someone who has been looking for the ‘game changer’, I was ecstatic! FINALLY! An at home laser hair removal system that can be used for my skin type!

Knight in shining armour? Could definitely be!


The above skin and hair color chart is given by the manufacturers to show the breakthrough of their product. As you can decipher from the chart, it canbe used by ANYONE, and get the same results! Sweet!

And so I placed my order, and come three days, here comes my eye-candy! I was too excited to try it, but the first three treatments would take up a month or so. But nonetheless, the wwait was worth it!

Permanent hair removal for dark skin—impossible NO MORE!

laser-hair-removal-machine-for-olive-skinAnd so I religiously went on to my treatments, hoping (and expecting) maximum results. Come the fourth treatment, and all my treated areas had evident hair growth reduction. My bikini line, legs, underarm, and yes, even my arm hair.

There were a few patches left, but the growing hair was thinner, finer. It worked really well for me.

It changed the way I look at hair laser removal, and permanent hair removal for dark skin. Don’t let anyone tell you as it’s definitely NOT impossible!

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  1. Doris S

    Im going on holiday at the end of the month and recently just had treatment from a hair removal machine and i recommend it to anyone who is thinking of getting hair removal done and i cant believe it was pain free aswell.

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