Laser v Waxing: Which is Better?

Nowadays, most people can’t stand the sight of any hair on their body. Us women (and men too, but just not as many), look for different ways of removing hair all over our body and face. We try depilatories, waxing, shaving and laser hair removal. The most popular ways of removing unwanted hair are laser and waxing. Both have pros and cons and in both, you can remove the roots of the hair.

If have been looking for a way to reduce your unwanted hair, you should consider waxing or laser hair removal. Today, we are going to show the pros and cons of laser and waxing and help you choose the best for you.


Waxing temporarily removes body and facial hair. It takes at least three or four weeks to grow again, but as long as you keep removing it, it starts to get thinner and it grows less.

The wax pulls out the hair out of the follicle. It can be a bit or very painful for some people but it can get more tolerable over time.

With waxing, however, you may suffer from pimples and if the wax is too hot, it can burn your skin. It’s a good idea to always check before if it’s too hot and if you can tolerate it.  Waxing isn’t expensive and the good thing is that you can do it by yourself. You can find a waxing kit in the supermarket, pharmacy or in a beauty store online, and find out about the best wax for each type of skin and where you can find them on the internet.

Laser Hair Removal

Removing unwanted hair with laser is good because you can get rid of this hair permanently/long-term. The laser penetrates the skin, inhibits hair growth, destroying the follicle and removes it permanently.

It’s expensive (but getting more affordable now with the ability to buy home permanent hair removal machines) and you’ll need at least 5 sessions to get rid of the hair.

If your skin is very sensitive, it can be painful and you might need to apply a numbing cream. If you choose to remove with laser, you have to stop using other products, such as, waxing, tweezers, bleaching or using depilatories creams.

You also need to stop applying tanning creams or lotions.  You can only trim with scissors or a razor over the top of the hair. Sunscreen will always have to be applied if you want to stay a long time at the sun. After the laser or ipl session, you will notice that the skin appears red and irritated from the treatment. You can use post-laser lotions, which will help to minimize the redness and the sensitivity.

Which is Better, Laser or Waxing?

Waxing might be more immediate, but if you plan to get rid of the all the hair fast, you should choose laser or IPL. Waxing reduces the hair but it doesn’t stop forever, meaning you will always need to do it every 2-3 weeks for the rest of your life.

If you’re looking for a permanent way of getting rid of the unwanted hair, you should choose laser or IPL. Now that you can buy these devices at home, it’s cheaper and easier than ever. It doesn’t immediately show hair reduction after the first session, but after some sessions, you already can start noticing that you have less hair.

At the end of the day, find the best method for your skin and how much you can afford on it.

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