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Me-Smooth-Community-RatingLet me get his straight—having tried numerous hair removal options, I have been very keen in selecting and distinguishing the good ones from the bad ones. The Intense Pulsed Light has always worked for me, but with the breakthrough of ELOS technology, this new technology interested me a lot so I decided to try it out.

And let me let you in major thing, if you are ANYTHING BUT the light skin/dark skin combo and you are finding it hard to find a permanent hair removal machine; you will want to grab this machine very quickly as there isn’t another machine on the market like it.

ME CHIC:Me-Chic  The newest laser hair removal device from Tanda is now available!! It’s cute, compact and very handy for all over body hair removal. Not only that, just like the it’s predecessors, the new Me Chic Hair Removal Device is FDA approved to remove facial hair aswell. Based on the same technology as the previous models, this is another excellent device by Tanda. It’s provides 120,000 flashes, which is plenty to remove all body hair and can be used by everyone, including people with red, blonde, grey and white hair and also darker skin colors. You can view more details here (For UK readers? View here)

IMPORTANT NOTE: These machines below are the ONLY machines for hair removal that are 100% safe and approved to use on ALL SKIN COLORS (including brown and black) and on ALL HAIR COLORS (including red, blonde, white and grey hair colors).

*Update: We get many readers contacting us looking for a machine that is safe to use on the face. So YES! The Tanda machines (new and previous models below) are  100% safe and FDA approved to use on both your face & body*

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Want it now? Tanda Me: New Model or Previous Model

From the UK? Buy Here: Me Chic or New Model or Previous Model

Although these machines are excellent for those who I have already said above who have blonde, red hair, white hair and grey hair and for those with darker colors; if you are still reading about this machine but you have fair skin and dark hair, I would recommend you look at the other machines as you will get better results if you have fair skin with those that Penelope, Maggy and Paris have written about (Jump to Tria 4X, Veet Infini’Silk Pro or the Silk’n Flash&Go).

Like IPL treatment, ELOS hair removal technology lets me permanently remove hair in the comfort of my own home! IPL treatments saved me from several costly trips to my local laser clinic, and now that I’ve tried ELOS out, I can affirm that ELOS delivers fittingly as well. These, I will always be grateful for, and I think many of you will agree also.

Now, let us focus the spotlight to the Tanda IPL machines, namely the Tanda Me Smooth and newer model, the Me My Elos Syneron Touch and let me elaborate on how they convincingly (and successfully) catered to my hair removal needs.

What is the Difference of Tanda Me Smooth v Me My Elos Syneron Touch/Pro Ultra? (AND NEW TANDA ME CHIC)

First things first, let me tell you one thing—they both all deliver the results they promise – especially for those women and men that aren’t the standard light colored skin with brown hair color. These machines are must for any woman or man with blonde, red, white or grey hair and for darker skin colors including brown and black.

Like I said above, the Tanda Me Chic is the latest model to hit the market in permanent hair removal at home. It’s the newest, cutest little compact device that is safe to use on your entire body – including face!

Tanda-Me-Chic^ 2016 Latest Release: Me Chic (Available Here) (UK? Available Here)

^ Upgraded Model (to one below): Me My Elos (Available Here) (UK? Available Here)

^ Oldest Model: Me Smooth (Available Here) (UK? Available Here)

Tanda Me Smooth (last pic) is simply just the first at home removal machine device that uses patented ELOS technology and this machine is a couple of years old now…

The 2nd newest Tanda Me IPL machine (middle pic), Me My Elos Syneron Touch was only delivered to customer early this year and is the upgraded version of Tanda Me Smooth.

The newest version, the Me Chic (first pic), has just been released towards the end of 2015/start of 2016 and provides all the great benefits of it’s previous models, it’s based on the same amazing technology that Tanda provides to us all, but with the added benefit of an improved compact design. Again, it’s safe to use on your entire body and also for blondes, red heads, grey and white hair aswell as darker skinned people.

This basically means that if you want maximum results with less treatments, Me My Elos or the new Me Chic is the way to go, being the newer machines, they have the highest power technology. With the Me My Elos each cartridge specifically contains between 150,000 and 200,000 pulses depending on the model you purchase, whilst the Me Chic has 120,000 pulses. Nonetheless, these hair removal devices are efficient either way, and I recommend it to my friends and readers who have darker skin such as myself!

Effective for the widest range of hair colors (including brown and black!)

As a typical tanned to brown skin girl, I do not have any problems when it comes to IPL treatment limitations apparent for the different skin types. However, with the diversity of our community, some of my dark skinned or blonde friends have a hard time finding hair removal options due to their skin and hair colors. However, when I introduced them with this device, I couldn’t imagine their joy and satisfaction like how they reacted.

It is relatively PAINLESS!

Another exciting feature of this hair removal device is it does NOT sting upon usage. Yep, I just experienced a warm sensation for a second over the treated area, but that’s it! Definitely gentle on the skin.

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Removes hair from ALL body parts including face

Yes ladies and gentlemen, you read it right. It works on ALL body parts, including the sensitive ones. You need not to fret anymore, for this is an all around hair removal device that is definitely up for keeps. I use it on my chest, facial hair, toe hair, you name it!

What made me try Tanda Me Smooth Professional At Home Hair Removal Kit?

As I reiterated earlier, I have always been fond of Intense Pulsed Light technology. But with the breakthrough of ELOS patented technology, Tanda Me caught my senses in an instant. You can call me adventurous, yes.

But what is beauty if you will not put it out there?!

I did not hesitate on buying the product despite its (young) age in the market for it is FDA approved—definitely safe to use! Plus, it promises permanent hair-removal for all skin tones. And man, it did work!

My friends (with all sorts of skin complexion and hair color) are going crazy about borrowing this one. I did not have a hard time treating my targeted areas for its intuitive application feature lets you glide the device over your skin in continuous motion. I need NOT to stamp over my unwanted hair! Hence, my treatment time will be done in a matter of minutes. It was definitely a life saver.

What made me move on to Me My Elos Syneron Touch/ Pro Ultra?

Okay, you might wonder on why I decided to move on to Me My Elos Syneron Touch if I was really satisfied with its predecessor. You see, I take these permanent hair removal machines like I treat iPhones. Once a new (and definitely better) version is out in the market, I go cray cray! More features, better results. And incidentally, Me My Elos Syneron Touch / Pro Ultra delivers just that.

Having been released last 2014, this home hair removal system uses 126,000 pulses cartridge inside! Let me affirm that once again. 126,000 pulses!! Okay, for a flash rate nut like me, this is my piece of heaven here on Earth! This basically means that this handheld laser hair removal targets the area in the most efficient way possible! This is definitely the latest and most advanced machine out there!

How do you use the Tanda Series?

Okay, this might be a little confusing at first for this laser hair removal machine has shaver accessory or epilator accessory that snaps onto the main applicator.

STEP 1: Activate Me

This step is easy as ABC. You just have to turn the power button to turn the system on and set the appropriate elos level button. Once you are set, you can now press the elos activation button on the hand piece.

STEP 2: Treatment

You just have to glide the applicator over your skin. Make sure that both the silver RF bars come in contact with your skin, or else it would not work. That thing happened to me the first time I used this machine, and you might want to be careful and sure.

Is it the best hair removal machine for home use?

I strongly place my confidence on these series, especially for Me My Elos Syneron Touch Pro Ultra. Its predecessor, Tanda Me, delivered its promised results, but its successor exceeded my expectations. I am definitely sticking to this one for my hair removal needs, and I definitely just experienced my best laser hair removal experience with this hair removal device.

Community Score

Good Things

  • ONLY machine for darker skin colors (including brown and black)
  • ONLY machine for blonde, red, white and grey hair
  • FDA approved

Bad Things

  • May take 2-3 treatments more to see results (*in comparison to Tria and Remington Quartz)

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  1. Rowan

    I came here about 2 months ago and bought this machine because I have dark skin I was worried the other machines wouldn’t work on me. 2 months on I’m still using it and absolutely love it! Anyone contemplating about it, shouldn’t be, it’s a breeze to use and I am really happy so far. Thanks Katie for introducing me to all this.

    • Katie

      Hi Myra. Thanks for leaving a comment and good question. I am pretty sure that due to safety reasons, none of the companies ‘advise’ on using on private parts beyond the normal bikini etc. I personally use it on my private parts (Brazilian etc), I just can’t help myself as it kinda gets addicting 🙂 I just use on the lowest setting and ensure I am very careful, I always do a test patch before doing a whole area at once. It’s ultimately your decision, just be careful as these areas tend to be more sensitive than say your arms or legs. Thanks, Katie

    • admin

      Hi Wendy. Yes I would use goggles for any system including the Me My Elos as I we should protect our eye site and eye health at all costs. Plus – protective goggles aren’t that pricey anyhow. Thanks for your comment, Katie

  2. Jennifer

    i have blonde facial hair so this will work on short fine facial hair! I really hope so I took hair supplements which led me having blonde hair everywhere on face, chest

  3. Vincent

    Hey! I wanted to ask a question. I have the Me Smooth device and i need to buy a cartridge, can i attach the latest model’s cartridge to my device? If i do, will it have any other benefits apart from the quantity of pulses?

    • Katie

      Hi Sean
      The unit keeps track of how many pulses used and indicates this using on the unit itself. You don’t know exactly how many pulses are left but it will warn you when it’s nearly empty, you just don’t see ‘xx’ number. All good though, it’s a great machine if you are thinking of utilizing it.

  4. Connie

    Hi, I’m a little confused. Is the new model Me Chic better than the Me My Elos Synernon (previous model)? It’s a lot cheaper and if it is more effective then that’s the way to go. If the previous model is more effective then that’s what I should be getting. No-one is saying what’s best. I have red hair so understand I want this brand. I am trying to determine which model.

  5. Ann

    I would really appreciate your advice on facial hair treatment. The instructions say you have to shave dark hair on fair skin, but this is extremely uncomfortable. In the chin area it always leaves a stubble which is very embarrassing to have over weeks of treatment. My hair in this area grows extremely fast and I would like to ask, if I can pluck it instead of shaving it between treatments. If the hair follicles are destroyed with one treatment this should not be a problem in my understanding? I would also like to ask, if the frequency of treatments can be increased from the recommended three per week.

    • Katie

      Hi Ann, Katie here. That’s correct, if you want best and permanent results, you need to shave. Plucking will interfere with the growth cycle of the hair and the treatments will become less effective. I understand it’s a weird feeling shaving facial hair but unfortunately, it’s the only way to get best results with these machines. That’s correct, the hair will be destroyed but I am sure there is other hairs that need treating (i.e not one treatment will remove all hair at once as they can tend to grow at different cycles). I would stick to the recommended treatments, generally, more doesn’t always give better results.
      Thanks, Katie

  6. raji

    hi ,
    i m indian..fair skin and dark hair..i have been thinking to do laser treatment however i recently got to knw that i have hair follicle infection called Furuncles (also known as boils). that causes alot of ingrown hairs.. basially whnever i go for body burns after waxing and they have to put cold gel in order to relax my skin..
    i was wondering if this would help or not? as i m having alot of scars.

    • Katie

      Hi Raji. Best way to get rid of ingrown hairs for sure. I’d start with some pre-treatment first. Start by shaving as often as possible. Stop waxing as this just makes your ingrown hairs worse. Once you slowly get rid of your ingrown hairs, start doing the treatment with this machine. As your hair wont grow back, you won’t suffer anymore.

  7. Nakia

    How can I get it since am too far from the mentioned areas(East Africa)
    How much does it cost coz i can’t help myself
    I have to buy it

  8. Holly

    Have you used the Me Chic? And if so was it a very slow process? With the Me smooth did you need to wait long in between pulses? Thanks!!

    • Katie

      The new Me Chic small and compact one I have not used as it’s sooo new. Generally no, you don’t have to wait too long between pulses.

  9. Brit

    Hello, does this hurt or burn? I have had laser hair removal professionally done for my dark skin and it was very painful.

  10. Mary

    I have the me smooth. I would like to say that it doesn’t hurt to use it, just a bit warm which really isn’t uncomfortable. But if you have tatoos and you go over them, it does sting. Not enough to stop me from using my me smooth, but it is a little uncomfortable. Wanted to put this out there to inform the rest of the tatted masses.

  11. babu

    Hi , iam a south indian male with brown skin and dark and white hair. Will it work for me. What are are precuations to be taken on the skin before using the laser ? Should i apply cold gel before the laser and what should be the laser settings for my kind of hair ?

    • Katie

      Hi Babu yes sure it will work on you. Yes you can apply a cold gel before performing the treatment. It is not mandatory but it can assist with keeping your skin cool and hydrated. Always start on the lowest setting and slowly work your way up.

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