Philips Lumea SC1981 Comfort IPL Review

Did you know that back in the days, cavemen would scrape their facial hair in order to get rid of it? Thank goodness we still don’t get rid of unwanted hair this way! Fast forward to thousands of years after, here we all use different hair removal options like waxing, shaving, tweezing, or laser treatments to suit our needs. How lucky of us! For someone who likes to keep their body hair out of their sight, I am certainly was in search for the best permanent hair removal treatment there is.

*Update: We get so many readers contacting us looking for a machine that is safe to use on the face. So YES! This Philips Lumea Comfort is 100% safe and FDA approved to use on your face and body*

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Being the practical girl that I am, I always weigh the pros and cons of all the hair removal products in the market. The marketing and advertising world can be very deceiving, and who wants to be trapped in that? Not me! Hence, my search was on (and now over) for the best in the business.

WARNING: Do not use this machine on very dark brown or black skin, use this machine. Do you have blonde, red, grey or white hair? You need to use this machine.

Permanent hair reduction = instant hair removal, hair today gone tomorrow—we have heard it all. With these promises, how do we pick out the ones who stand out from the rest?

Now, let me tell you about my experience with Philips Lumea Comfort IPL technology and why it is the handiest IPL hair removal device ever!

Why Philips Lumea SC1981?

With the Philips Lumea Comfort IPL technology, my unwanted hair has reduced significantly after 4 treatments. Leg hair, arm hair, underarm hair, you name it! Aside from that, my skin became softer and suppler!

Pros: Can use on face and body, fast treatment times, great small compact design, very affordable.

Cons: Not safe on darker skin colors or red, blonde, grey or white hair (if you have red, blonde, grey or white hair or your skin is dark > you need this machine!).

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Integrated UV filter: Protects skin from UV light

Remember what I told you earlier? IPL is basically a (super) bright light emitting heat energy. Hence, most people think it’s damaging to the skin. But lo and behold! Philips Lumea Comfort has an integrated UV filter. What a life saver! Because of this feature, I was not afraid (not even a bit) of any damage to my skin, hence why it’s FDA approved. Sweet.

Slide and flash mode for continuous application

Other permanent hair removal machines on the market require you to form a tight grid pattern as you go on with your home laser hair removal treatment. I normally get tired pressing the button (continuously) 15 minutes in the process, so I have to take a quick break.

But with Philips Lumea SC1981, you can just press the button and slide through your skin for more convenient and continuous application! I find this really helpful and convenient, for it makes the IPL treatment faster and easier!

Using the Philips Lumea Comfort IPLNo replacement parts, no hidden costs

This would be my favorite feature of Philips Lumea Comfort. It needs no replacement lamps or gels! That means you just have to buy this hair removal device and that’s it—no need to buy accessories or other complimentary hair removal creams and what nots!

That entails you six years of full body treatments. You definitely get more than what you pay for!

The smallest and lightest device within the Lumea range

Okay, the last bullet might not be my most favorite feature of this device, but what the heck—what is NOT to like with this device? This one is my favorite feature (TOO), for the compactness of this device is heavenly! It fits perfectly right within my hands (I have tiny hands), and it is easy to operate. This works perfectly with the slide and flash feature of this device, plus the power plug in (no recharging needed!) and long cord it has. Easy breezy!

Five adjustable light energy settings for different skin types

Okay, let me put this out there: the Philips Lumea SC1981 is NOT only a hair removal system for light skin and dark hair, but it ALSO works for naturally dark blonde and brown hair. I know because my friend has tried it, and it worked perfectly for her (and me!).Philips-Lumea-Comfort-SC1981-Skin-Color-and-Hair-Color-Chart

But as reiterated in the manual, this device only works for skin types 1 to 4, so you might want to check out guide above. I once tried it on my friend that has a darker skin than I have, and this cunning machine stopped emitting flashes. How efficient!

If you have dark skin or any other colored body hair, you will need to use this machine (click here to read the review on the site).

Safe and effective even on sensitive skin (and areas)

Philips Lumea SC1981 for faceYes, you have read it right! This machine works and is safe for BOTH FACE & BODY with unwanted hair! Okay, this will be my MOST favorite feature, for this is entails a full body laser hair removal!

This basically means that this device is an at home laser hair removal for face (YES, FACE!), back hair, bikini area, legs, among others. I like the fact that I can use this machine works for upper lip hair removal, for I have always been insecure about that area. Thank goodness for this product!

How to Use It?

Just like the usual laser clinic treatments you get, it’s very simple.

1. Shaving beforehand is a must.

2. Since this machine is REALLY easy to operate, you just have to place the machine against your skin and press the top part down.

3. Once emitting a flash, this hair removal machine targets the hair follicle deep inside your skin, reducing its growth.

Any pain? The IPL treatment sends hot pulses, but I did NOT experience any pain throughout the treatment! And another tip: you might want to hold the top part down and just glide the machine to send pulses out—this is for an easier and faster hair removal treatment.

Am I happy with this home beauty permanent hair removal device?

I have been using the Philips Lumea Comfort machine for over 10 weeks now (5 treatments), and so far, so good. The promised permanent hair growth reduction is getting evident on my legs and upper lip, as well as my armpits. The growing hair on the treated areas are softer and thinner, and I could not be any happier!

What is IPL Hair Removal?

For those of you who are confused about IPL or laser hair removal. Let me just spend a little time, giving you some background information on IPL because that is the technology that the Philips Lumea Comfort IPL is based around.

Let’s start with the basics, IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. Forgive me for being technical here, but let me enlighten you on how this thing works. After all, this will be our savior from all the dreaded shaving or waxing moments for the years to come.

IPL treatment works this way: the light produces heat energy that will target the hair follicles, causing the hair to go into resting phase that will render the hair growth slower. Aside from slowing and reducing hair growth, Intense Pulsed Light technology has been proven to treat on the surface skin diseases like melasma, pigmented lesions (freckles, liver spots, birth marks), and rosacea, among others.   Amazing, right?!

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