Remington I-Light Pro Plus IPL6000PA Review

Remington-I-Light-Pro-Plus-RatingI’ve gone through a fair few Remington’s through the years, the second machine, after not being too impressed with the first is the upgraded Pro Plus IPL6000PA. This machine provided long lasting results, 100 times better than it’s predecessor.

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Even though I had already been through the first Remington machine (IPL6000USA), I have no regrets. The machine, when I bought it back then, was the only machine that was available to buy and use at home. It was great – I had no hair growth for months. But as technology progressed and competition started getting fiercer, my older Remington I-Light became outdated and I wanted another machine that was more heavy duty when it came to the removal of body hair, hence why I purchased the Remington iLIGHT Pro PLUS and as they say, the rest is history.

WARNING: Do not use this machine on very dark brown or black skin, use this machine. Do you have blonde, red, grey or white hair? You need to use this machine.

What is Intense Pulse Light Technology?


Let’s start from the top for those of you who are really quite fresh when it comes to this permanent way to get rid of body hair.

I might get a little technical here, but learning a new thing today would not hurt, wouldn’t it?

For someone like me (and you) who decided to take a new route from the traditional hair removal processes, Intense Pulse Light Technology works on the same principles as lasers. This means that the light emitted by the machine is converted to heat energy which will then cause the damage to the targeted area.

The Remington iLIGHT Pro PLUS works accordingly, for it burns through the hair follicles, causing hair growth reduction. IPL targets the lower layer of the skin, dermis, without affecting the top layer which is epidermis. This explains the smooth skin surface after the treatment.

Why Remington iLIGHT Pro PLUS?

The Remington iLIGHT Pro PLUS is similar to the best Remington IPL machine, the Remington iLIGHT Pro PLUS Quartz, I later bought as I am a machine addict, but this machine utilizes less flashes per bulb.

They use the same technology, but this machine is less expensive. That being said, this model might do the job for those who cannot afford the most expensive model. After all, they both deliver the job accordingly.

Confused yet? Here is the difference between the Remington IPL machines


Permanent results after only 3 treatments!

This machine uses the same technology used by dermatologists. What a steal, right? And all for a fraction of their real cost. With the IPL technology, reduction of hair growth will be evident after 3 treatments. Talk about practicality.

No Charging Necessary


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The packages include a power cord, and charging is not needed. You just have to plug the cord, and voila. You can start zapping.

User Friendly

The best thing about this machine is anyone can use it. As long as your skin tone is compatible with the machine, you are good to go. I did not had a hard time finding out how to operate it, and the process itself is easy as one two three. It is very stress-free to handle, thus holding it up against your face or underarm would not be so much of a hard work!

Could be used for MOST body parts!


The biggest “hairy” problem for most of us is our leg area. But fret no more. This is also for unwanted facial hair removal, as well as back hair removal. I personally used it for my upper lip hair (although using it near the eyes and eyebrows is a NO-NO).

Safe to Use

Remington-I-Light-Pro Plus

Featured: Remington I-Light Pro Plus

Remington’s IPL Series are FDA approved. This means that there is no sense in worrying of getting burned by using the product. The user’s security is rest assured upon using the machine within the confines of your own home. For more effective treatment and to cover larger body areas quicker and with better permanent hair reduction results, the Quartz should be purchased.

Inside the Package

Looking much like the Remington iLIGHT Pro PLUS Quartz, Remington iLIGHT Pro PLUS comes in a cardboard box. My eye candy includes DVD instructions, manual, one bulb replacement, and a cleaning cloth, together with the machine itself. The machine weighs around 5 pounds, and it has 5 intensity levels.

Pre- Treatment

Prior to the treatment, the area should be thoroughly cleansed and shaved. Getting rid of the hair prior to the treatment helps the IPL technology to target the hair follicle without the fuss, ensuring easy and convenient treatment. It must be noted that treating areas that have been waxed or epilated in the past would not be as painful as treating areas that have only been shaved.

You HAVE to check you skin’s compatibility with this device!


One important reminder before the treatment is to check your skin and hair’s compatibility with the machine. Included in the package is the skin-tone sensor, and it would affirm if you are to fit to use the laser hair remover. The Intense Pulse Light technology works BEST with medium to dark hair color. I am tanned and got dark hair all over, and the machine works fine for me. However, the machine have a hard time helping my best friend, who is fair and blonde, to get rid of her body hair. Using this machine for blonde and red hair color might take more time to be subdued, hence, less effectiveness may be expected. If you have blonde, red, grey or white hair, you will need to use this machine. If you have dark skin, you will need to use this machine also.

Treatment—How and What to Expect

With its 1,500 flashes per bulb, this device emits a light once the button is pressed. Holding it against the skin, I worked my way through my legs with a tight grid pattern, ensuring every bit of the area gets zapped. Ahhh, it was exciting.

Depending on you chosen intensity, the treatment might cause some stinging sensation. I revved the device up to the highest intensity there is, anticipating the best results. For my first treatment, I must say that the flash of heat emitting from the device came as a surprise, but as they say, no pain no gain. I think this might differ for each individual, with their personal tolerance for pain. But I would not say that the treatment itself is painful, the sting only lasts for a second or so.

This device gave permanent results after 3 treatments. Each treatment must be done every 2 weeks. But I must admit that my excitement and yearning got the best of me, making my subsequent treatment be right after a week only. The good thing is I did not experience some burning through the area. I know, I am crazy, but can you blame me?

After the Treatment

Well, immediately after the treatment, I lathered myself in calming gel just to be on the safe side.

After the first 3 treatments, I noticed that hair growing on the treated areas seemed darker than the usual, and fatter. When I started picking them out, they FELL out of my skin, literally. It’s like they were not attached to anything! It then dawned on me that these were the roots of the hair, and after (gladly) easing all of them out of my skin, it took them a month or so to appear again.

After that magnificent afternoon, treatment was only be done when deemed necessary. It took a month or so for me to start zapping through my skin again, with the growing hair thinner, softer. This device changed the way my hair grows (if they even grow at all), including the skin perpetrated by the Intense Pulse Light technology. My skin’s softer, suppler. This machine made me 60-70% less hairy, and I could not be any happier.

Would I Recommend It to a Friend?

I definitely will (well, I actually had already). My friends are looking forward to trying this one also, and I cannot wait until they experience the glory of being less hairy. Remington iLIGHT Pro PLUS delivers what it promises, and is a very good investment not only for girls, but for guys as well.

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  • Longer lasting results than it's predecessor (Remington IPL600USA)
  • Good value for money
  • FDA Approved

Bad Things

  • Not safe for darker skin colors (look at Me Smooth)
  • Ineffective on grey, white, blonde or red hair (look at Me Smooth)

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