Remington I-Light vs Pro Plus vs Quartz Comparison

Confused yet?

Well, the Remington brand have a big range of IPL hair removal machines that are very safe for all of us to use at home. But as you would have guessed, although these three machines that are very popular, how do you really know which one will suit you best? It is often confusing when reading through each machine to determine even what the differences are.

Here is quick guide to show show you basically what the similarities and differences are. However, we recommend that read through our personal reviews of each of the products to get a better idea of each one.

Here are our personal reviews of each individual products featured (from most effective to least):

Remington iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz IPL6000Q Review

Remington I-Light Pro Plus IPL6000PA Review

Remington I-Light Pro IPL6000USA Review


In summary, you get what you pay for when it comes to permanent hair removal.

By buying the higher priced machines, you are getting the most recent, up to date technology which is the strongest, most powerful, most effective and also most safest for permanent hair removal at home.

The added benefit in paying a little more to begin with also pays off as the newer machines tend not to run out of flashes/pulses as quick; meaning that each cartridge lasts for a lot longer, hence spending less on replacement cartridges.

If you still have questions, that is totally ok! Please leave a comment below and we will try and respond as soon as we can.

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    • Paris

      Great question – I need to include more info on the IPL6500 (you are in the UK so you can get it here) on the blog because this is a newey and it’s a goodie! It’s the newest device (2015 version) and it comes with an infinity bulb (that basically means, no replacing cartridges ever!). It’s a Remington machine that is safe for both face and body. It has the same hair color and skin color application as the other Remington models that I’ve mentioned above. Given it’s newer, you see results faster with this machine and the surface area of the treatment window is also quite bigger than the other machines. So overall, quite some big changes for Remington with this new release.

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