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Silkn-Flash-Community-ScoreGrowing up with a coarse hair was a challenge for me. Most of the time, it made me feel less feminine and unattractive. Because I grew up with a dark coarse hair, I often felt uncomfortable wearing shorts and short-sleeved blouses. It’s because of this constant struggle why I became even more determined over the years to take matters into my own hands and find the right unwanted hair removal method which would be best suited for me.

*Update: We get so many readers contacting us looking for a machine that is safe to use on the face. So YES! The Silk’n Flash&Go and Silk’n Flash&Go Luxx are 100% safe and FDA approved to use on your face and more sensitive body areas*

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>> WARNING: Do not use this machine on very dark brown or black skin, use this machine. Do you have blonde, red, grey or white hair? You need to use this machine <<

Most of the women I know have spent hundreds of dollars just to have doctors remove the ugly, annoying, and unwanted hair in the hairy areas of their body through electrolysis and other forms of reliable hair removal systems like laser treatment.

Unfortunately, getting a full body laser hair removal at a laser clinic has never been quite appealing to me as much as it has been to others mainly because of the ‘standard laser hair removal cost’ which is too much for a college student like me to actually afford.

The Silk’n Flash & Go

Thankfully, one of my friends informed me about a home laser hair removal machine called the Flash & Go made by Silk’n which can remove hair from the hairy parts of my body using a cost-effective and reliable hair laser technique.

As a result, I purchased my very own Silk n Go hair removal device ( here).

Through this in-depth Flash n Go review, I will share with you everything you have to know about this Silk n Go permanent hair removal, and whether or not it could permanently remove hair from the different parts of your body for you.

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In a nutshell, here are the pros and cons of the flash & go permanent hair removal device.


  • Safe for both face & body (ideal for chin hair removal, bikini laser hair removal, lip hair removal, facial hair removal, leg hair removal, and armpit hair removal)
  • FDA-cleared
  • Portable laser hair removal
  • Relatively cheap compared to the cost of laser hair removal at a typical laser clinic.


  • Not the ideal laser hair removal for dark skin tones (If this is you, you need this machine)
  • Does not work on blonde, red, grey or white hair (If this is you, you need this machine)
  • Needs replacement cartridges (see price)

Let’s be honest ladies, who likes shaving? and we certainly don’t fancy the idea of taking a leap of faith by trying out a hair laser removal on our own without any prior experience.

Having said this, it is indeed a good thing that IPL Laser hair removal method can now be done by anyone who uses a handheld laser hair removal device such as the flash and go. This device blew me away for the following major reasons.

It’s completely hassle-free!

The Flash n Go hair removal device is so easy to use because of its three simplified intensity settings. It is also very small and lightweight. When I bought it as a birthday gift for myself last January, I instantly knew that it would earn a place on my vanity area at home. True enough, it didn’t take up too much place at all so I was able to use it with ease and plug it in whenever I wanted to.


Because of the large surface area, it doesn’t take long to do the treatments, see below for the average treatment times (really, I am sure you can spare a maximum of 20 minutes for something like this).

4 minutes for underarms only! 7 mins for bikini line! And what I might just add is that because you have less and less hair growth after each section, it really only comes down to a couple of zaps after a few treatments.

Because of its large treatment window, I was also able to swiftly finish painless hair removal sessions within the course of 1-2 minutes. So far, I have able to use the Flash and Go permanent hair removal device on my upper lip, chin, underarm, feet, and forearms. Results did not become evident overnight but after only FOUR treatments, I was able to see drastic hair reduction from my facial hair. Now, I am working on getting rid of the unwanted hair on my lower back and breasts area.

I am also very happy to share that I just finished three sessions on my two hairy toes, and it was a success. Before, I had a bit of a problem in shaving my hairy toes in the morning because I’d usually see a shadow on my toes by the end of the day.


No appointments needed

Get this, because of the silk n flash hair removal device, I no longer have to shave, pluck, or wax ever again. It’s really unbelievable how effective this product is and how I have the freedom to use it whenever I want to.

I am honestly beyond thankful that I no longer have to think about how I’m going to set up expensive appointments at laser clinics unlike before. It is also very popular for men to use the product aswell for their chest and back.

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Right now, I am still working on removing unwanted hair on my legs and back area. Even though I only have had completed two sessions so far, I am confident that this device will be able to zap all the hair follicles that need to be zapped away in my body for good.

Silk’n Flash&Go is easy to carry.

One of the major features of this device which I really love is its characteristic of being exceptionally lightweight. Because of its handy and light design, all of my flash and go laser sessions thus far have been so stress-free and really fun and easy to do.

Even when I went out of town few weeks ago with my friends, I was still able to bring this cool beauty device with me with no hassle at all. How cool is that?

It’s a great investment!

Aside from being one of the best facial hair remover device (alongside the Tria 4X and Tria Precision devices) out in the beauty industry, the Flash and Go is also an undeniably wise investment for anyone who wants to get the best machine among all existing hair removal systems in the market right now.

When I bought my Silk’n Flash&Go, I realized the value of spending less to achieve more. I suggest you try the same thing too so you can experience the positive results made possible by today’s newest hair laser removal technology.

WARNING: The Silk’n Flash and Go does not work on darker skin colors and is ineffective on blonde, red, white or grey hairs. If you are any of these, you need the this machine; Read Katie’s review here of the best machine for blonde, red, white, grey hair or people with darker skin color.


The Silk’n Flash&Go covers more areas FASTER!!!

Hair today gone tomorrow. That’s the underlying concept behind the genius of Silk’n Flash&Go.

One major feature of the flash and go device for me is the fact that it can cover so many body areas within such a short period of time. With just one zap, it can cover many hair follicles – which means that because of its large treatment window, my laziness in zapping doesn’t have to suffer anymore since there’s no heavy waiting needed for the completion of the permanent hair removal process every girl with hairy arms, back, and legs dreams of accomplishing.

Because laser treatment sessions are completed through this device within a short period of time, laser hair removal on breasts and laser back hair removal prove to be much easier to deal with in just a few sessions.

To whom do I recommend this device?

I highly recommend this method of laser hair removal at home to those who don’t have a naturally dark complexion (remember, check out the machine Katie uses). But for your convenience, you should know that the manufacturer of this IPL Hair Removal device had already made sure that the user of this device would be safe through flash and go’s built-in skin tone sensor. The flash and go device would automatically disable the treatment you’re supposed to get if it detects that your skin is too dark or tanned.

Also, even though the flash and go is not one of those hair removal devices which serves as the most ideal method of permanent hair-removal for all skin tones or the best laser hair removal machine for dark skin, it remains as the suitable laser hair removal machine for fair skin and the right laser hair removal for medium skin tone.

Now just a little word about the upgraded Flash&Go Luxx…As it is VERY SIMILAR to the standard Flash&Go it is worth a mention here.

Flash&Go Luxx

Another affordable solution to costly laser treatments can also be in the form of the Flash&Go Luxx – yet another proof that hair removal products are continuously evolving and upgrading into a whole new level these days.

Basically, what sets the Flash&Go LUXX apart from the Silk’n Flash n Go is that it DOESN’T require any cartridge replacement AT ALL (oh and that it’s a nice colored blue instead of purple).

So, what does this mean? Well, first of all, this particular feature saves you a lot of money. Second, it means that you can enjoy a painless hair removal for a lifetime through the Silk n GoLUXX.

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The thing is… I don’t have a SilknGo Luxx, but my younger sister does which means that I have some sort of authority over its use. Anyway, so far, I’ve used this Silk’n Flash&Go Luxx device in my pubic area and legs to remove all my unwanted hair in those parts of my body; and I had proven that it works perfectly both on big and small areas.

According to my sister, she was able to observe great results from using the Silk’n Flash&Go Luxx after four sessions on her forearms. Now, she has zero arm hair. Amazing, right?

Silkn-FlashnGo-LuxxAt first, she didn’t know how to permanently remove hair through the use of Flash& Go Luxx but because she read the instructions that came with her Silk’n Flash&Go Luxx device, she was able to figure out how this particular hair remover can be the best hair removal machine for legs and the best hair removal machine for back mainly because of the fact that it doesn’t require refilling its cartridge at all, thanks to its lifetime narrow lamp cartridge.

At times, how to remove facial hair can be tough but with the Silk’n Flash & Go Luxx, anything is possible. It is the a great device for hair removal machine for face and the other parts of the body. It goes without saying that this particular hair removal device is indeed the up there with the best hair removal machines for pubic area available right now and also ranked one of the top devices hair removal at home.

Which One is Better? The Silk’n Flash & Go or the LUXX?

From the favorable results I’ve experienced from using the two aforementioned devices, I would most likely keep on using the Silk’n Flash&Go since I still haven’t used up my other cartridges; but when I finally end up using all my cartridges, I would most definitely resort to using my sister’s Silk’n Flash & Go Luxx which I’ve already successfully used in removing unwanted hair on my pubic area.

Although the treatments these two devices offer to people with grey, white, or blonde hair will not really yield a good response most of the time, it has been noted in various silk n flash n go reviews that using either one of these devices can actually be an effective method of laser hair removal for blondes.

Other than that, it can also fulfill the role of being the best laser hair removal for red hair. Ultimately, however, it works best and yields fast results from those users who have dark brown and black hair. Silk n go is the ideal hair removal for brunettes while silk n go luxx users who have dark brown and black hair can automatically assume the best response possible from using the newly-developed version of silk n go.

Both these machines made by Silk’n are not solely for women’s use; rather, the two devices fall under the category of the most ideal methods of laser hair removal for men and women.

Community Score

Good Things

  • Safe for face & body
  • Affordable (great price in comparison to some other machines)
  • FDA approved
  • Great handheld design for easy use

Bad Things

  • Not the ideal laser hair removal for dark skin tones (look at Me Smooth)
  • Does not work on blonde, red, grey or white hair (look at Me Smooth)

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