The Ultimate Guide To Home Permanent Hair Removal

If you have lost the patience and diligence of shaving every other day or so, or maybe got tired of waxing or tweezing, I would not blame you. Like me, you might have turned your head to other hair removal options available on the market.

If you are new to this whole permanent hair removal at home, let me lay the outlines and outskirts of this revolutionary technology that changed the way the world looks at hair removal.

Let us start answering your frequently asked questions.

What is IPL Hair Removal?

This might get a little technical, but who’s saying no to some new information?

Compared to laser hair removal, IPL hair removal has two significant benefits—more speed and less sensation. These are the reasons why IPL treatments are attracting people who want to get rid of their unwanted hair at the comfort of their own homes.

Most IPL hair removal devices have a lamp that produces a beam of light energy, which then safely diffuses through the skin. With the intensity of the light energy emitted, heat energy is then produced, targeting the pigment of hair follicles. Once absorbed, the hair follicle is damaged and permanently destroys the hair. The heat also disables the cells responsible for new hair growth.

What to expect and how does it work?

Since Intense Pulsed Light system utilizes light and heat energy for permanent hair removal, you might experience a snap or hot sensation throughout the process.


But do not worry, this will only last a second or so. These devices are FDA approved, hence, safe to use. Depending on your machine, you might need to form tight grid patterns or slide through the targeted area.

What areas can I treat?


You can treat most parts of your body, but veer away from the eyes and the area around it. The device I have worked for removing facial hair (my upper lip), on the third intensity. With its compact feature, you can treat your bikini area, arm hair, armpit, legs, tummy, you name it!

Am I a candidate for IPL Hair Removal?



Anyone can use these hair removal machines, for the wide variety of these devices cater to anyone with hair removal needs. The Tanda Me Series, for example, could be used by anyone for it is applicable for any skin tone including hair removal for black and brown skin colors and also any hair color including blonde, red, white and grey.

The Philips Lumea, for one, ensures convenient and easy treatment due to its press and slide feature. With the availability of numerous devices, you can now treat whatever body part you might want to get rid of from unwanted hair, and it will be as easy as one. two. three.

These hair removal machines could be used by any gender, as long as you have unwanted hair that you want to get rid of. It must be noted that one must be compatible with the device prior to the treatment. A skin tone sensor is usually included to ensure the compatibility of the user and secure maximum results.

Is it safe to use on your face?


There are only a few certain machines that have been FDA approved as safe to use on facial hair. We have clearly indicated which machines are safe to use on your face and generally, it is only safe to use on facial hair from the cheek line downwards. Some machines unfortunately are not advised to be used on the facial region.

How long does it take to see results?

It depends on the machine you are using. It usually takes 3 treatments or so to see visible hair reduction, depending on your skin and hair color. The manner and number of usage could also affect the effectiveness of the machine. The key to achieving maximum results is to use it religiously and shave as close as possible before every treatment.

Are the results permanent?

Speaking from my personal experience, yes, the results are permanent. I have been hair free for 6 months now, thanks to my hair removal device. As reiterated earlier, it depends on your skin and hair color, as well as your overall usage of the product. The results will definitely last more than 6 months, however be mindful you may need subsequent treatments as touch ups only.

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