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Tria-4X-Customer-RatingEver since I had turned eighteen, I have been in a constant and somewhat seemingly discouraging pursuit to remove the unwanted hair on some parts of my body; and I literally have tried all sets of home remedies for facial hair removal, lip hair removal, and underarm hair removal but to no avail.

*Update: We get so many readers contacting us looking for a machine that is safe to use on the face. So YES! The Tria 4X is 100% safe and FDA approved to use on your face & body including sensitive body areas*

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Review-of-the-Tria-Hair-Removal-Laser-4XIt’s not just me though, no one can deny the fact that every girl eventually reaches a point in her life when she just wants to get rid of all her annoying and unwanted hair from the parts of her body that are NOT really supposed to be covered with hair in the first place.

As a twenty year-old college student with a fair skin tone and hairy hands, stomach, arms, bikini line, and legs, (it feels worse than how it sounds) this has been my life’s greatest struggle so far.

WARNING: Do not use this machine on very dark brown or black skin, use this machine. Do you have blonde, red, grey or white hair? You need to use this machine.

I’ve also undergone various hair removal treatments like electrolysis, waxing, bleaching, and shaving. Unfortunately, none of those which I have tried already has the right to be dubbed as the best hair removal technique of all time since all of the methods I have tried so far only yielded temporary results.

This is the reason why after looking for something more permanent for so many months, I finally purchased the Tria Beauty 4x Laser Hair Removal Device when I found it online two months ago.

After searching for the right laser hair removal machine and hair removal products, I finally found Tria Beauty 4x Laser Hair Removal.


Above (from left to right):  Tria 4X Laser, Tria Precision (review),  Anti-Aging, Anti-Acne,

Now, what sets Tria apart from any usual permanent hair removal technique? Well, check out the reasons below based on my Tria laser review which is based from my real-life usage of the Tria for two consecutive months now.

*Update: A few readers have been confused about the difference between the Tria Precision and the Tria 4X Laser. This review is on the Tria 4X Laser which is the bigger, bolder and better version of the Tria Precision. This device is better for use on both BODY & FACE whereas the Tria Precision was manufactured mainly for smaller body parts and for use on the face*

Me Using the Tria 4X Laser

It’s 100% Safe!

The Tria 4x – is a hair removal laser that is FDA-cleared so there’s no need for you to worry about possible mishaps from using this permanent hair removal device in your own home.


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To those who are wondering about laser hair removal side effects and have long held the question “Is laser hair removal safe?”, I can confidently tell you that the Tria laser is 100% safe to use for your face hair removal since the Tria laser does not manipulate the cells under your skin, so it does not cause cancer or any other skin irregularities.

However, if you are wondering whether it is the right technology to be used for long-term hair removal for darker skin, I’d like to let you know as early as now that this product is not intended for use on darker skin tones or anyone with blonde, red, grey or white hair (you will need to refer Katie’s post if you have dark skin or red, blonde, white or grey hair).


Before using my Tria 4x, I’ve read the instructions that came along with it and found out that Tria 4x is not a permanent hair-removal for all skin tones. Here’s a chart to guide you:

If your skin tone is within the range given above, then you can surely gain a lot of benefits from using the Tria laser… like me!

WARNING: Do not use this machine on brown or black skin, use this machine instead. Do you have blonde, red, grey and white hair? You need to use this machine.

Let’s Talk Body Parts


Anyway, as I was saying, after using my Tria 4x, I have realized that it is, without a doubt, not only the safest device to use on your face but it has also been named as the following: the best hair removal machine for legs, the best hair removal machine for back, and DEFINITELY the best hair removal machine for pubic area since it is a lightweight device smartly designed for pain free hair removal for sensitive areas of the body.

I found my session using the Tria 4x much easier to do compared to the other forms of laser hair removal for underarms methods that I have tried in the past few years.


What you’ll experience from using this technology is nowhere near painful. I would not even go as faras calling it a sting. What you’ll experience at intensity 5 is just a warm feeling. It’s because of this safe feature why I believe that the Tria 4x is the most ideal and best hair removal machine for face available in the market right now. Aside from that, it also has a skin tone sensor that can help you check if your skin is suitable for the Tria laser.

When I read the box of my Tria, I found out that it discharges a laser known as the diode ray. Diode laser hair removal is something which can permanently remove hair, so this means that for me, a girl with black hair and fair skin, can use this permanent hair removal machine 100% effectively.

Easy to use features


What I love the most about the Tria is that it is a convenient hair remover. The Tria 4x has easy-to-use settings that features a lock, a battery life indicator, a pulse counter, a skin tone sensor, a treatment level intensity, and a power button.

When I got the Tria 4x laser hair removal two months ago, I wanted to use it mainly for armpit hair removal because every time I shave, I am usually left with a shadow on my underarms so even though I had already shaved, I still looked like I hadn’t.

It sucked, and it’s actually one of the reasons why I’m glad to have discovered this super friendly Tria which gives me the freedom to choose from 5 intensity levels during treatment. Ideally, you’re supposed to work your way up to intensity five. When I used it I felt no pain at all from level 1 – 5 so after using level 1 for my first three sessions, I already skipped to five for faster results.

Chic exterior and exceptionally lightweight

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The chic exterior of Tria makes it a smart and elegant addition to your set of beauty devices. Other than being ranked as the #1 hair removal machine for home use, this cordless laser unit can also be easily stored anywhere since it is a handheld laser hair removal device which doesn’t take up too much space at all.

Cheap permanent hair removal

Before buying the Tria, I first compared how the cost of an at home laser treatment and a clinic-based treatment will amount to in total.


And I have found out that if you’ll compare the cost of an at home laser hair removal made possible by Tria to the cost of laser hair removal from a clinic, you’ll end up seeing that you’ll be spending a far bigger amount of money outside your home than with the purchase of this cool-looking beauty device.

After using this home laser hair removal device and the calming cream also, I’ve realized that its price completely justifies the endless results. Actually, if we really think about the convenience this offers us by not having to set up an expensive appointment in a clinic and shouldering the actual cost of laser hair removal treatments, the Tria 4x is actually a CHEAP laser hair removal technology which will prove to be a very wise investment later on in life… or, simply, after five sessions.

Do I recommend this technology?

YES. YES. And… YES. Truth be told, it would be a crime not to let you guys know how effective this Tria laser hair removal device is.

Although this is not intended as a laser hair removal for dark skin tones, it is still so admirable how Tria installed a skin sensor in this device so that no one with a dark skin tone can experience absorbing too much heat from the actual laser. If you have dark skin, read here.

Compared from all the facial hair removal products I have used before, this is really a gem. Its smart design supports its function, and I am sure when I say that it can’t get any better than this because this is the best portable laser hair removal out in the market right now – everyone is raving about it just like me.

I really wish I had bought this Tria hair removal laser 4x sooner. Had I done that, getting rid of my unwanted hair from the hairy parts of my body would have been so much easier.

Nonetheless, I am still thankful that I have finally used it and that there is only a scant amount of unwanted hair left on my body as of now. Having said this, it only makes perfect sense why I highly recommend this Tria hair removal technology to anyone who has a fair to light brown skin tone. So, what are you waiting for? Zap away!

Updated: One of our readers has submitted her story, review and progress after using her Tria 4X laser for 3 months, you can read more about it here.

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Good Things

  • #1 hair removal machine for home use
  • #1 safest machine to use on both FACE & BODY
  • No replacement catridges! (No further costs incurred)
  • Doesn't require power (no cords) so very portable (great for travelling)
  • FDA Approved

Bad Things

  • Does not work on dark skin colors (look at Me Smooth)
  • Ineffective on blonde, red, grey or white hair (look at Me Smooth)

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  1. Siara

    Bought the Tria after reading your review of it about 2 months ago. I’ve been doing it on my legs for the last 1.5 months and over the moon with my results, totally didn’t expect to see so much less hair so quickly.

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