Tria vs Remington Comparison

With the availability of different IPL hair removal reviews on the internet, it would not take much time and consideration to pick the best hair removal device that will work best for you. Permanent hair removal machines work differently for everyone, just like any other devices and products available today. However, with the consensus of its consumers, we need ascertain which is which and which is better?

Today’s post is something that I get asked about quite often. Girls and guys are confused and don’t know which machine to pick for them. Today’s post should make your decision clearer and easier to make.

Which brings me to the matter at hand — Tria 4X vs Remington Quartz: which would I prefer over the other?

Difference between the Tria 4x and Remington I-Light Machine

Here are just some of the reasons why I love Tria 4x Hair Removal Laser

Availability of different colors (for men and women)

Okay, let me start with the availability of this product in different colors as the deal maker at this point, not only from a female point of view but also for males as any men reading this, you can get it in a graphite color which is totally awesome for men and all different funky colors for women.

You see, I have always been attracted to all things girly and aesthetically appealing, and when I learned that I can choose from the colors of fuchsia, turquoise, graphite, and lavender, you can just imagine my excitement (of course, I got fuchsia)!


Safe for Face & Body

This permanent hair removal device was the FIRST FDA approved hair removal machine designed for home use not only by women, but also by men and safe to use on the entire body! This means it can be safely used to remove hair permanently on your face from the cheekline downwards. This means, cheeks, sideburns, upper lip, lower lip, chin, nose and neck. There isn’t many machines that can be used on both the face and body so this is a massive factor why many people love the Tria (including me of course!).

Uses the same technology used by professional laser clinics

Most high end laser clinics use Diode Laser technology for hair removal. Diode laser technology is also used by the Tria 4x. This means that I technically have the same device used by these professionals in the comfort of my own home! Win win!

No cartridge replacement

Yep, no hidden costs! Unlike Remington Quartz, Tria 4x does not need cartridge replacement, hence no ongoing costs.

Evident results after 2 treatments—the fastest I have seen!

Most at home hair removal devices promise results after 3 treatments. But with Tria 4x, I noticed permanent growth reduction after only 2 treatments. It worked wonderfully on my underarms and bikini line. Sweet.

Compact and easy to hold and operate

Tria-4X-laser-and-Remington-Quartz-ComparisonAs you can decipher, the device is designed like a gun. This feature makes it VERY easy to operate. It worked like a charm for me, for I have tiny girly hands.

Treating the areas with unwanted hair proved to be easier than I could have imagined. It does not have a cord, so it has to be charged beforehand. The device, once fully charged, lasts for 40 minutes. This is more than enough for me, for treating my areas last until 30 minutes or so. And the best part of it all, I can take it wherever I want to! Bed, couch, backyard swing, name it! I can treat my areas wherever I wanted to, for this works without the need to plug it in to an outlet.

LED display

With the LED display on the top part of the device, you can easily tract down your progress and pick the appropriate type of treatment you would like to have. Other features that could be seen and accessed through the LED display are skin sensor, comfort settings, energy levels, pulse counter, battery life and lock feature.

Remington Quartz

Remington Quartz is the flag bearer and latest model in the Remington Series. It also uses Intense Pulsed Light technology to remove unwanted hair at the comfort of your own home.

The reason why I am comparing the Remington I-Light Pro Plus Quartz and the Tria 4X is because they are essentially on the same level in regards to effectiveness and results seen and power of the device. The Remington I-Light Pro Plus and the Remington I-Light do not have such great results in comparison to the best Remington IPL machine being the ‘Quartz’. You can view the difference between the Remington I-Light v Pro Plus v Quartz here.

The reasons why I love Remington Quartz:

Easy to use with Larger Surface Area

The package provides a detailed information on how to use the machine. This proves to be really helpful, for the instruction manual is easy to understand and adhere to. After the treatment, my skin feels smoother, and I can tell that the small bumps caused by shaving will be long gone.

One great feature about the Remington that it holds up against the Tria is that it can remove unwanted hair faster on larger body areas such as the chest, back, legs and stomach due to the larger surface area of the device in comparison to the Tria which has a substantially smaller surface laser tip.

Long lasting cartridges

The cartridges, which can cover bigger areas than the Tria 4x, lasts longer than its predecessor. Since the Quartz is the latest and most advanced among the Remington series, the need for cartridge replacement is cut short.

No need for recharging

This hair removal device has a power cord, which you can just plug in to an outlet and start treating your areas with unwanted hair.

This is convenient for people who will take up more than half an hour of treating time, for recharging is not necessary for Remington Quartz.

Permanent growth reduction after 3 treatments!

Staying true to its promise, I have noticed evident results after 3 treatments. Since every treatment should be every 2 weeks, this will roughly take 2 months or so. Growing hair on the treated areas have been thinner and finer, and my skin is softer and suppler. Am I happy? Definitely!

Safe for the Face?

The major downfall with the Remington Quartz and many other home permanent hair removal machines is that they generally not manufactured as safe to use on the face. For the rest of the body, the Remington is fine to use.

Tria Beauty who have manufactured both the Tria 4x and the Tria Precision are one of only few companies where there machines are 100% safe to be used on the face.

The Remington I-Light machines are not safe to use on the face (unless you buy a specific and hard to find Remington to use on face & body here). Generally, most people normally just buy the Tria 4x or Tria Precision instead.

The Verdict

As much as I love both of these at home hair removal devices, I would say Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x wins this round, hence why it as a community score of 9.6 and #1 ranking on this site.

Undoubtedly the leading hair removal option available in the market, its compact feature and effectiveness attracts more customers than its competitors. The Remington Quartz has not been manufactured as ‘safe to use on facial hair’ whereas the Tria 4X laser is safe to use on face and body.

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